On the Psychic level the medium will blend with your own energy. This energy is the emanation of your soul and is commonly known as the Auric field. The soul is a living energy which is constantly changing and unfolding as you experience life. As the soul retains your every experience and expression, by blending with it, a medium can become aware of what has happened to you in the past and what is currently happening within your life. However, nobody can tell the future; this is because what you do today, say today and think today, will create tomorrow.

As the soul comprises your core qualities, which form the essence of who you are, a medium can become aware of how these qualities could potentially manifest in the future. These are however, only potentialities; it does not mean that they will actually happen. This is because your decisions will ultimately result in whether these potentialities are realised. The psychic level is about touching the needs of your soul, giving you specific information about the problems and situations you face and then giving you guidance on how to overcome them.