Andy demonstrates his Mediumship extensively in the UK, for both the Spiritualist Movement and the general public. His work has also taken him to several parts of Europe. Always keen to push the boundaries of his work, Andy has built a reputation based upon the consistent quality of his work.

"A good demonstration of mediumship will move the whole audience. Through the use of factual pieces of information, it is our job to paint a picture of how your loved ones lived and expressed themselves during their physical lives. When this is done correctly, then everybody in the audience should go away feeling that they have a sense of the people who have communicated from the Spirit World. This is because when a medium is truly within the power of the Spirit, that power will emanate from them and touch everybody present. For me, there is nothing quite like it - laughter, joy and sometimes tears of sadness, it shows us that our loved ones who have passed away are still human, that they have not changed but are the same people, who still love us and are only but a thought away."